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Dancer in Omaha Nebraska

MARY lorraine's Dance Center


Our Approach

MLDC has provided the best dance education to children and teens in

Omaha, Nebraska for 34 years.


MLDC uses dance for artistic expression, fitness, entertainment, and education. 


MLDC is committed to inspiring self-confidence and well-being, both physically and mentally, through the art of DANCE.  



Courses of Study 


Our recreational course of study is for the sheer love of the artform. We provide quality dance classes for kids and teens in a fun, nurturing environment.


Our competitive course of study is more intensive for enthusiastic and focused dancers. It includes more training and a competitive component.

"Our son has been dancing at Mary Lorraine's Dance Center for the past 5 years and we wouldn't have him dance anywhere else. We love the professionalism of the staff and the compassionate way they care about the kids and families. The teachers, whether they have a child in class or not, are familiar with all the kids and treat them all with respect and genuine encouragement...."

- Lindy

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