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MLDC Family Fun

At Mary Lorraine's Dance Center, we take fun very seriously. Whether its dressing up for a holiday, having a movie night, or just being silly. We believe a balance of technique and fun is important.

Culver's Fundraiser Day!

Culver's Fundraiser Day!

Miss Sam's Proposal at Mary Lorraine's Dance Center

Hip Hop Teacher Miss Sam gets engaged!

Dancers at Mary Lorraine's Dance Center

Photo Day fun!

Dancers hanging out in the student area at Mary Lorraine's Dance Center

Pre- COVID cuddles!

Teachers outside of Mary Lorraine's Dance Center in Omaha, NE

Rock Star Team for costume pick-up!

Preschool dancers dressed like bunnies

Easter Bunnies!

Dad and Daughter at the dance at Mary Lorraine's Dance Center

Annual Father- Daughter Dance!

Mary Lorraine's Dance Center Family decorating the dance studio for christmas

Christmas Decorating at the Studio!

Preschool dance class at Christmas time

Adorable Elves!

MLDC 30 years in business

Silly for 30 Years!

Omaha Dance Studio

Hallway fun!

Kids counting canned food at Mldc

Annual Canned Food Drive!

Frozen Camp in Omaha

Frozen Fun Night!

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