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Two child ballet dancers hugging


MLDC believes that when we have a strict dress code, our dancers look, feel, and dance their best. Read Below why we have this dress code. 

We carry all shoe and attire needs for an affordable price.


Plain black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes

Youth Tap: 

Kindergarten thru Level 5tan tap shoes Level 6 and up: Black dancewear, tan character taps

Musical Theatre Jazz & Jazz: 

Black form fitting dance wear, tan jazz boots

Hip Hop: 

Black, form fitting dancewear and black jazz sneakers

Pointe Shoes:

May be purchased at Bobby's Dance Wear in Omaha

Why Do we have a dress code?

  1. Discipline. Part of dance is learning to follow instructions and respecting an art form.

  2. Community. Just like a sports team wears a uniform, we feel like a team when we wear the same color.

  3. History. Tradition in any art or activity is important. We uphold the tradition of wearing black as well as tights in ballet. It dates back 100s of years!

  4. Practicality. Wearing one dark color allows teachers to see the line of the body and correct for proper technique. Baggy clothing can hide bad habits preventing growth.

  5. Cleanliness. Did you know dancers sweat? Keeping legs covered with tights/pants and bellies with shirts helps keep dirt and sweat off our floors. Especially in cold & flu season it prevents us from spreading nasty germs.

  6. Focus. Practical active wear and one color allows us to focus on technique and expressing ourselves through movement rather than being distracted by a fluffy tutu. Don’t worry, we love costumes! But we save them for the stage and other days

We are all about BALANCE. We have so much fun learning technique and dance in our proper attire. But we also love dressing up for fun days like Halloween, PJ day, St. Patty’s, crazy hair day, and more!

Dancers doing a kick in a jazz class
young dancers in ballet class
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