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Ballet & Tap Combo Class

Ages 5 to 10 years old


Class Description

This kids' dance class is perfect for elementary age kids to be introduced and grow in their abilities of both ballet and tap. The class includes classical ballet technique at the barre, Center ballet floor work which includes stretching, jumps, turns, leaps.   The class ends with approximately 20 minutes of tap technique. Starting at Kindergarten the material progresses and builds upon itself to more difficult material through age 10. After the age of 10, ballet becomes a separate class from tap as there is more challenging material covered that requires more time. 

​Class Notes

Each class is taught by a qualified adult teacher with a Bachelor's Degree in either dance or education.

Each teacher has a teen student assistant.

Viewing window is available for parents to watch. Every 8 weeks parents are invited in to observe class.



Dancers wear a black leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet shoes to class. Tan tap shoes with elastic are worn for tap.  

End of the Year Recital

Depending on age dancers either perform in DanceFest or the Big Concert. 

Learn more about Concert here. 



Ballet & Tap


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