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jazz DANCE


musical theater


Class Descriptions

Musical Theater Jazz Dance:

Before the age of 11, children take a Musical Theater Jazz class which teaches them basic jazz steps that would be done in a musical or a show choir routine. This class incorporates kicks, preps for turns, and jumps. This is a separate class from their Ballet and Tap class. They dance to music from classic and current musicals that are age appropriate. This dance class has a strong focus on expressiveness and telling a story. Musical Theater Jazz is perfect for kids who love drama and acting. They get to put their expressiveness into the dance arena! Because jazz has a basis in ballet, this class must be taken in conjunction with the appropriate level of ballet class. 

Classic Jazz Dance:

After the age 11, Classic jazz is added and is combined with Tap because these two styles are more similar in style and music. All of our students who study classic jazz are required to take a ballet class as classic jazz was founded using principles and steps from ballet. Jazz has a lot of stylized movement, isolating different parts of the body, and is based on jazz rhythms. Although many of our jazz classes listen to current pop music. Jazz is a fun dance class to work on flexibility, stamina, and strength. 

Jazz dance has leaps, turns, and jumps based on ballet vocabulary but is done in parallel and linear manner.  

Because jazz technique is based in the ballet technique, dancers are required to take a ballet class in conjunction with the jazz class.


Dancers wear all black, form fitting athletic attire. Or they may wear their black leotard and tights. They will wear a tan jazz shoes which we sell at the dance studio. 

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