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Pointe dance classes

Class Description

Pointe is a part of the classical ballet technique where dancers who are strong in their ballet technique dance in special shoes called pointe shoes. Pointe dancers perform classical ballet in the shoes that are structured to allow them to rise to the tips of their toes. 

Dancers are required to take a pre-pointe class to make sure they have proper strength and placement. They are then evaluated to be approved to go into pointe shoes. Pre- Pointe is available starting at age 11. 

Pointe is a beautiful and graceful form of dance. Dancer's who begin pointe with good strength and placement with gradually advance their pointe work as their strength continues to grow. 

​Class Notes

Each class is taught by a qualified adult teacher with a Bachelor's Degree in either dance or education.

Pre-pointe class ensures that dancers have adequate strength to perform on pointe without injury.  

Every 8 weeks parents are invited in to observe class.



Dancers wear a black leotard and pink tights. Dancers wear pointe shoes which should be properly fitted.  

Girls Lacing Up Their Shoes

When do I get to start Pointe?

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