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10 Gift Ideas Any Dancer Will Love!

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

Not sure what to get your favorite dancer for the holidays? We have created a list of 10 great gifts that you don't have to worry about sizing, can be easily ordered on Amazon Prime (if in a time crunch), and are practical but fun! We also added in suggestions if you are trying to buy locally or do some DIY!

1. Magnetic Bobby Pin Holder:

Okay this is genius! Bobby pins somehow end up everywhere! Sick of seeing your dancers’ bobby pins all over the bathroom counter!? This cute little device can solve your problems!

2. Ballet Dictionary:

We know this might seem boring, but dancers are learning a whole language! A ballet dictionary is great for learning new steps and what they mean! Get the one by Gail Grant.

Find on Amazon Here! Or try and find at a used or local book store!

3. TheraBands:

TheraBands are miraculous in strengthening feet! They are great for pre-pointe dancers who are strengthening their feet before getting their pointe shoes. Also good for dancers who have issues with rolling in on their arches or are recovering from an injury.

4. Odor eliminators:

Have you gotten a whiff of your dancers shoes lately?! Eww! Deodorizers will keep their shoes and bags smelling fresh! You can also make DIY odor eliminator pouches. But for the extra stinky… chemicals might be needed!

Find on Amazon Here! Or go to any CVS/ Walgreens/ Target

5. Dance book:

Let your dancer be inspired by the incredible Misty Copeland, a modern day ballerina who was the first African American female principal dancer with American Ballet Theater. She is an inspiration.

For older readers: Life in Motion by Misty Copeland. Find on Amazon Here or a local book store!

For younger readers: Bun Heads by Misty Copeland. Find on Amazon Here or at a local book Store!

6. Dance bracelet:

This bracelet is super pretty and who other than a dancer counts '&5678' nearly every day!? There are lots of options, but a beautiful bracelet is a great gift. Another idea if you are supporting local, find a local crafter to make you one! This one was available in rose gold too!

7. Ballet Sewing Kit:

Perfect for pointe dancers, this little kit by Bloch fits neatly in their dance bag so they can fix up any torn ribbons quickly! If you are crafty, head over to Hobby Lobby and put it together yourself, some elastic, thread, needles and put it in a cute tin! Don't forget there is always a coupons on Hobby Lobby's website.

Or take it easy and order on Amazon here.

8. Ballet barre:

So this is a bigger purchase for the very enthusiastic dancer! But great for practicing at home! This one is definitely more of an investment. If you are handy or know someone who is, you could even make one!

9. Muscle Roller

This is great for dancers who take multiple classes a week and are bound to get sore muscle. Much cheaper than a massage, this is the gift that keeps on giving! If you are artsy, we have also seen DIY where you decorate an old rolling pin to make it a massager!

10. Bobby's Dance Wear Gift Card.

Still not sure, … how about a Bobby’s Dance Wear gift card?!. Then they can go get it themselves! Maybe to pick out a new leotard or sweater! Bobby's is a dance wear store located in Omaha and Lincoln.

We hope that some of these gift ideas were helpful or sparked an idea of your own! Remember, not to stress about what to give someone, gift giving should be a joyful experience of spreading love and thoughtfulness. We know that no matter what you gift your dancer, they will be so grateful! Have an amazing Holiday Season!

- Mary Lorraine's Dance Center



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