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How to take corrections in class: 5 Steps!

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

It can be difficult to take corrections in dance class. But that is why you are there... to learn, get feedback, and grow as a dancer! Here are our 5 steps to make getting corrections a little easier!

1. First, understand why you get corrections!

Getting criticism or corrections is a GOOD THING! Your dance teacher wants you to grow and succeed! Although it may not seem this way, think of corrections as compliments. If your teacher didn’t think you would improve they wouldn’t take the time to correct you. Even a small adjustment that might seem “nitpicky” can make a huge difference!

2. Be receptive and listen!

Stop, listen, and watch your dance teacher when they correct you. Be open to the correction both in mind and body!

MIND: Be positive and willing. Don’t think, “Nothing will help”, or “I already know this” (and never say it!). Instead, think: “This is going to help make me better!” , or “Please tell me help me learn how to do it correctly!”

BODY: Don’t cross your arms or pout. Stand proud, make eye contact with your teacher and be ready to try!

3. Show that you understand:

Physically DO the correction in that moment! You may not get it that day, but show you understand and are trying! When your teacher is talking, nod and say thank you for the correction. This is not only polite, but affirms that corrections are beneficial tools that are given to us.

4. Ask for clarification.

If you don’t understand the correction or what you should be doing, just ask your teacher! They will gladly help to make it as clear as possible.

5. Practice and remember!

Apply the correction to every dance class. Then practice at home! You don't want to get the same correction over and over.

Everyone learns differently. Figure out what works for YOU! Maybe it's writing your corrections in a journal, or memorizing it as an acronym, or videoing yourself and watching it back!

how to take corrections in a dance studio

Bonus tips! (For the extra eager dancers!)

  • Watch and apply everyone’s corrections in class! You may be doing the same thing incorrectly as a fellow dancer. It will only make you better!

  • If a teacher is stern with you, it's not because they don’t like you or are “mean”. Sometimes teachers are tough on students when the student is unfocused, or not putting in the effort BUT HAS THE POTENTIAL AND CAPABILITY. Teachers have high expectations for dancers who desire to improve, so when the teacher has given the correction numerous times and there are no signs of practice or effort, the teacher may not be exactly "sweet". Though the teacher's tone may be stern, this comes out of a bit of frustration but a lot love.

  • Your teacher is the expert! They know more than you! All of our teachers at our dance studio have years of experience. They care about you, so listen!


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