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Why Summer Dance Classes are the Best!

Summer dance classes are right around the corner! At Mary Lorraine's Dance Center, summer dance classes are a 6-week session, with a week long break for Independence Day. During the summer, MLDC offers ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary dance, musical theater jazz, hip hop, barre fitness, and more! These dance classes are for all ages.

This 6-week summer dance session gives dancers enough time to thoroughly enjoy class but also leaves time for summer fun and vacations! Omaha families love MLDC's summer classes. Here is why summer dance classes at Mary Lorraine's Dance Center are the best:

Keeping up on technique.

Dance classes over the summer allow dancers who are striving to grow their technique to keep up on their progress they've made in yearly dance class. A long break between June and September without any dance is a bit too long of a break for serious dancers. That's why the summer session is perfect! Summer dance classes allow them to keep up on their flexibility, strength, knowledge of technique. It is also a great time for a dancer who maybe took a few years off from dance to get a short review before restarting in the fall!

Trying something NEW!

Summer dance is a great time to try a new dance class. Perhaps you take ballet all year and want to give hip hop a try. Our summer session is the right amount of time to really get a feel for the class and decide if you like the style without a year long commitment. Or maybe you have never taken dance but always wanted to try. We are here to help introduce you to the world of dance and find out which class and level is best for you.

We also offer different classes from our year-long session, such as stretch and strength and week long camps.

Smaller class sizes.

Summer dance classes at Mary Lorraine's Dance Center tend to be a little smaller because many students are away for the summer. This is a great way to get more individualized feedback and develop strong relationships with friends and teachers in the class. A perfect way to make new friends before heading back to school for the year.

Mixing things up during summer dance!

Summer is a time when teachers do exciting new material for their classes! Because we don't have a recital to prepare for, teachers will often introduce dancers to new styles, fun combinations, partner work, improvisation exercises and more! It is a fun way to mix things up from the regular year. For example, in jazz you may experience Latin themed jazz one week and contemporary jazz the next! Or in ballet you may learn famous classical variations. Last summer our dancers learned sign language in a class and incorporated the sign language into their dance movement.


Summer Dance Class Registration is now available online!

Go HERE to Learn more and Sign Up!

Summer Dance Classes Offered at Mary Lorraine's Dance Center:

Preschool Dance Classes


Ballet and Tap Combo Class

Contemporary Dance

Hip Hop dance

Musical Theater Jazz Dance

Jazz Dance

Barre Fitness


Leaps and Turns

Go HERE for summer tuition rates. The most affordable dance classes in Omaha, Ne.

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