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Preschool Ballet Classes

Ages 3 to 5 years old


Class Description

This preschool dance class is 45 minutes of movement skills and beginning ballet. Children learn gross motor skills such as skipping, galloping, sliding, marching, as well as basic ballet positions. The class uses imagery, and props like: tambourines, wands, scarves, maracas, etc. Includes rhythm work, creativity exercise, and tumbling. Kids dance classes can have a huge benefit to their social, physical, and mental development. 

​Class Notes

Each class is taught by a qualified adult teacher with a Bachelor's Degree in either dance or education.

Each teacher has a teen student assistant.

Viewing window is available for parents to watch. Every 8 weeks parents are invited into the classroom to observe class.


Dancers wear a black leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet shoes to class.

End of the Year Recital

Preschool classes perform one dance in the Spring concert in May. 

Learn more about Concert here. 

"The preschool class at MLDC is so great. My daughter had never been in an organized activity and she used to be so uncomfortable in front of strangers. Now, she is shining in social situations and is so confident! "

- Sarah


THE BENEFITS of Ballet for Preschoolers:

physical, mental, and emotional

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