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5 Benefits of Ballet for Preschoolers

Dance classes for preschoolers is a perfect way to introduce them to the amazing art of dance but also benefit their early development!

Physical Movement

Ballet for preschoolers is a great way for little ones to move in a fun environment! A ballet class for 3 to 5 year old dancers can benefit their strength, flexibility, range of motion, coordination, and balance. Consistent dance classes for kids can help with proper alignment and posture which benefits life long health. Ballet classes challenge endurance and stamina. Dance classes can be a year-round activity so it is perfect for kids to stay active in the cold winter months of being stuck inside.

Social Skills!

Dance class allows young dancers to make new friends! In a kids dance class, children learn how to interact with children their own age. For preschool dance classes this means learning to face challenges like: keeping your hands to yourself, not cutting ahead in line, how to speak to others nicely. These child friendships are important to the development of young children.


Dance class is a great place for young dancers to grow their personality! If your dancer is not yet in school or just started, getting involved in an activity like ballet is the best way for children to start feeling safe and open away from mom or dad. Dance can help children who have anxiety or fears of new people and places. Each week of dance class, tiny dancers gain confidence. The process of leaving parents to be on their own with others, communicating with the dance teacher and friends, performing their dances with poise: it all leads to self-confidence!

Discipline and Structure

Ballet class for preschoolers is a great introduction into the discipline and structure they will have in school and throughout their life. Having to follow rules and activities outside of home can be a first for young ballet dancers.

This includes:

  • listening

  • following directions

  • not talking over the dance teacher

  • taking turns

  • sitting or standing still

  • learning manners

Mental Benefits

Ballet works your brain! Dance challenges young children's memory of choreography and dance terms. They learn patterning and how to connect physical and mental patterns. Being in dance class builds their focus, concentration, spatial awareness, and works gross and fine motor skills.

Preschool dance stretches children's imagination. In dance classes for kids, creative imagery is used to learn dance steps and movement. Some examples are pretending "to be a princess" while skipping or pretending "to have diamonds" on your toes in pointing your feet! Dance class is also a mood booster. It is a great way for little ones to release energy and express themselves.


Mary Lorraine's Dance Center offers weekly Preschool Dance Classes.

45-minute class for 3-5 years old includes:

  • Introduction to Basic Ballet

  • Rhythm Work

  • Creative Exploration

  • Basic Tumbling

  • Gross Motor movement: Skipping, Galloping, Sliding, Marching, Jumping

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