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Mary Lorraine's Dance Center starts 32nd Year of Business!

MLDC is at it again! With 31 years of teaching dance, MLDC heads into year 32 in the dance studio business! Mary Lorraine's Dance Center has been located in West Omaha and providing Omaha families with dance education that is high quality and affordable. When we say high quality we mean that our teachers are educated and trained dance professionals with Bachelors degrees in Dance or Education. They teach established dance technique and curriculum. When we say affordable, we mean that our prices are fair. You pay an appropriate price that pays your professional teachers well and pays for our beautiful, spacious, and clean dance studio. We also strive to keep costume costs reasonable: dressing children in appropriate and beautiful costumes while also remembering they will only wear it for a short performance. It doesn't need to break the bank!

Why are years in business and business history so important?

Trustworthiness and Customer Approval

A business like Mary Lorraine's Dance Center that has been around in Omaha for so long can be trusted by customers. Our number of years of as a dance studio is a stamp of approval from past customers that our prices, business practices, policies, classes, and services are not just fair but exemplary. Our long standing history shows potential clients that not only were we good enough for past customers to try out our dance studio... we were so great that they kept dancing with us for years.

Connection to the community

Our years in business in Omaha, NE have allowed us to take the time to become an integral part of the community. Mary Lorraine's Dance Center has been an active business in Omaha, Millard, West Omaha, and other surrounding areas by joining the Millard Business Association, Ralston Chamber of Commerce, and as a Partner in Education with Millard Public Schools. From dancing at Omaha retirement facilities, the Omaha Children's Museum, and the Omaha Beef, to raising money and drives for local charities like Omaha Food Bank and Project Wee Care. Mary Lorraine's Dance Center is an active business in the local Omaha community.

Communication and Organization

The biggest complaint we receive from customers who have attended other dance schools in Omaha is that "the communication was terrible!" Yep, just like in a marriage, after many years you know how to communicate effectively. From emails, to signs, in person parents visits, Mary Lorraine's Dance Center is skilled at communicating properly with parents. Also after 32 years you know a thing or two about effective organization. Everything from how classes are run daily to visitor's week to costume distribution to photo week to recital... we have it down to a science!

Respect for Tradition

All forms of dance, even newer styles, stem from a long history of dance tradition. Many new dance schools throw tradition of technique and discipline out the window in order to seem "new" and "hip". We respect tradition. We uphold traditional dance dress code (as does any professional dance school that knows what they are doing). We uphold the traditional of classical technique and disciple. Of course we aren't stuck in the 1800s! We keep up with the latest choreography, dance tricks, music, and teaching techniques. Through online training, our teachers have access to training from the most popular current dancers and dance choreographers from around the nation.

Mary Lorraine's Dance Center is excited to head into their 32nd year as one of Omaha's best dance studios. MLDC is proud of the legacy and tradition it has created. MLDC is also always excited to grow and offer new experiences to its dancers and families.

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