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Ballet Classes in Omaha for All Ages

Looking for a place to start your little ballerina in dance? Or an elementary age student? Mary Lorraine's Dance Center is the best dance studio in Omaha for your needs! MLDC has ballet classes for preschool through high school! Whether you are looking for recreational dance classes or competitive dance classes, look no further. Mary Lorraine's Dance Center is the dance studio for you.

Preschool Ballet:

Our preschool ballet class is a fun and creative introduction to the world of dance and ballet! Of course at three years old, children are not quite ready for Swan Lake. But here, MLDC staff begin to introduce basic beginning ballet in this class.

In this dance class they learn movement skills such as skipping, galloping, sliding, marching, walking and running on balls of the feet. The goal is to get their bodies moving and develop coordination, strength, and flexibility. The dance class uses imagery, and props like: tambourines, wands, scarves, maracas, etc. Includes rhythm work, creative exercise, and some tumbling. Even if your child has their eye on hip hop dance or jazz dance in the future... this preschool ballet class is the place to start for overall dance skills.

Kindergarten through 6th Grade Ballet Classes:

After 1-2 years of preschool ballet, depending on the child's age, young dancers then move onto kindergarten dance class. This class continues to teach classical ballet with each year building upon itself, adding more difficult material as they develop.

Think of like math, you can't do advanced algebra until you know addition and subtraction.

The class includes classical ballet technique at the barre, center ballet floor work which includes stretching, jumps, turns, leaps. The dance class ends with a tap dance portion. Tap is extremely important even for ballet dancers. It helps with rhythm, counting, foot and ankle strength. And it is so fun!

Middle School through Advanced Ballet Classes:

At this age ballet material becomes so much more broad and complex. Therefore a longer separate ballet class is needed. This class does a longer barre, center work which includes jumps, turns, leaps, and more. It is also at this age that ballet dancers may choose to take a pre-pointe class and be evaluated to advance into pointe shoes. This pointe class then becomes a second class. Read this blog here to learn more about Pointe.

Omaha has many dance studios that come and go. But when it comes to ballet you want to receive proper training and technique from a dance school that has stood the test of time. MLDC is one of the best dance studios for proper training at an affordable rate in Omaha, NE. MLDC also was rated by as one of the top ballet schools of 113 ballet schools in Omaha for 2021. You can trust the expertise of Mary Lorraine's Dance Center.

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