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The Best Habits You Can Practice in Dance Class: According to MLDC Teachers

Dancers set challenging goals for themselves. Whether it is multiple turns, amazing flexibility, or high jumps, these goals can be difficult to reach. Therefore, the time spent in dance class and more specifically how that time is spent is so important. That is why good in class habits are crucial to a dancer's success.

Just like the habit of taking notes during school can help you score better on a test, there are certain habits that dancers can do in the studio to make them the best they can be. The experienced dance teachers at Mary Lorraine's Dance Center tell us what some of the best habits to practice in class are!

Helping Others

"Helping others when you can is a great way to learn more deeply. Whether that be going over material with someone if they missed class or reviewing choreography in groups, it helps you internalize what you’ve learned."

- Miss Ashley

Taking Corrections

"One of the best habits a dancer can make in class is assuming every correction given is for you. Even if it’s directly given to another dancer, still listen and apply it to yourself."

- Miss Leigh

"When given a correction immediately physically make the correction so the teacher can see whether or not you understood it. This also gives your body a chance for the muscle memory. It allows you to memorize the new way of doing something."

- Mary Lorraine

Feel your Best Physically and Mentally

" I think one of the best habits to strive for is showing up for class looking their best (appropriate attire and hair done) as well as feeling their best (showing up with a positive attitude ready to learn and grow as a dancer) A positive attitude can really make or break a class for you and your teacher/classmates so striving to put you best foot forward (pun intended ) goes a long way!

- Miss Katelyn

Marking and Attention to detail!

"I think good habits are practiced by the dancers who are marking the combos on the side while waiting their turn. It’s good to be prepared. Additionally, make a correction I’ve already given.

Bonus points to the dancer who is also paying attention to details and giving me the combo as I’ve given it. I know who is engaged in class when their arm positions, lines and movement accents mimic mine! Especially in lyrical and jazz!"

- Miss Kellie

These habits not only help you be a better dancer but also demonstrate respect for your teachers, fellow dancers, and yourself! The goal is not just to be the best dancer you can be but also the best person you can be!

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