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Back to Dance Check List!

You've gotten your supplies for the new school year. But what about the dance year? It is important to go through our checklist and make sure you are prepared. The first day back to classes can be chaotic, so having everything you need (or if you have a young dancer, making sure they have all they need) will make you feel like a "Rockstar" and allow you to dance your best! PLEASE do not wait until 5 minutes before class to try to get everything. (Plus we don't sell shoes on the first week back as shoe fittings take a good amount of time). Go through our checklist. At the bottom of this page is requirements for each class attire.

Go through our Back to Dance Checklist:


Check to see if all your shoes fit from last year. If they have holes in them, it’s time for a new pair! If you are taking any new classes like lyrical or hip hop check that you have the required shoes. If your shoes are merely too small and not worn out, consider donating them to the studio's borrow bin!


Check that all your dance attire still fits and has no holes. Get new tights if they have holes in them. You dance your best when you feel your best. So make sure you get new leotards, leggings or tops if yours are getting ratty or smelly! You can get leotards and tights at the studio. If you need fitted, affordable black dance attire, consider checking out Marshalls or TJ Maxx!

Dance Bag

Clean out your dance bag from last year. Wash the bag if it can be washed or get a new one if it is tattered. Spray it with fabric freshener or put a new air freshener inside. We sell adorable dance bags at the studio in lots of fun colors for all ages!

Inside your Dance Bag

Make sure you have all items necessary in your bag:

  • deodorant

  • feminine products

  • non-perishable nutritious snacks

  • a baggie or zipper bag with hair necessities including: hair ties, Bobby pins, hair net, small brush, small can of hair spray.

  • Band-Aids

  • quarters for water at the studio.

Water bottle

Make sure you have a CLEAN water bottle. Water bottles hold a lot of germs so give it a good scrub. Pack extra money for days you may forget your water bottle at home and need to buy one from the studio.

Label everything!

Put your first initial and last name on EVERYTHING... shoes, attire, water bottles, etc. Please don't put just your initials as this makes it more difficult to find you.

Class Attire:

Ballet: Plain black leotard(no skirt), pink tights, pink ballet shoes

Ballet/Tap: Kindergarten thru Level 5: Plain black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, tan tap shoes

Jazz/Tap: Level 6 and up: Sa tan character taps

Musical Theatre Jazz & Jazz: Black form fitting dance wear, tan jazz boots

Hip Hop: Black, form fitting dancewear and black jazz sneakers

Lyrical: Black form fitted dance wear, lyrical paws

Acrobatics: Leotard, shorts or leggings, barefeet.

Pointe Shoes: May be purchased at Bobby's Dance Wear in Omaha

You can get all your dance shoes, leotards, tights, and dance bags at the Studio's Open House!

Monday August 16th and Tuesday August 17th, 2021

5-8pm nightly

and visit the Kona Ice truck between 7 and 8 p.m. for a free Kona when you purchase just $30 worth of dance attire inside with us.

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