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The Male Dancers at Mary Lorraine's Dance Center 2021

Dance is for EVERYONE! Both girls and boys can take dance classes, compete in dance competitions, and even become professional dancers. And they do! Our boys at MLDC love to dance, whether it is hip hop, jazz, tap, or ballet! They receive so many physical, mental, and emotional benefits from dance. Dance also helps with other activities they are involved in like sports, show choir, plays, and academics!

Unfortunately, sometimes what holds a lot boys back from dancing is their parents. Their parents or even peers telling them its only a "girl thing". Well, we are here to tell parents and those kids that they are wrong... dance is for boys! And we are here to tell boys who want to dance... GO FOR IT DUDE!

Meet the Boys of Mary Lorraine's Dance Center:

At MLDC we have boys who are supported by their parents and peers to do what they LOVE! We had the chance to interview them! Some answers are interesting, some funny, and inspiring: Meet Stephen, Desi, Easton, Sawyer, Reid, Holden, Marc, Kameron, and Parker!

We asked some of the youngest boys who dance at Mary Lorraine's Dance Center:

Q: What is your favorite part of dance class?

"When we get in the circle. You kick your legs up!" -Sawyer, age 6

"The sticker" -Desi, age 4

"I like to jump really high up there![Easton points to the ceiling]"- Easton, age 3

"Playing with my mom." -Reid. age 3

(there may have been some confusion so I said, "your mom isn't in dance class. What is your favorite part during class?") Reid's second answer...."playing with my mom ". Loves his mom!

Q: What is the most rewarding part about being a dancer?

"The fact that I can say I'm a dancer and not be ashamed of it"

-Stephen, age 12

Q:What is your favorite dance you have ever performed?

"The Production, Rosie's Drive-in. It was really fun and exciting and it never got boring." Kameron, age 15

Q: Why did you start dancing?

"I wanted to dance and I always did but I wasn't very good. So that's why I came here (MLDC) to dance instead."- Parker, age 12

"I saw my sister dancing and I liked the costumes"- Holden, age 12

We asked Senior dancer, Marc Hoyer:

Q: What challenges have you faced as a male dancer and how have you overcome them?

"When I was younger, kids would try and make fun of me. I put an emphasis on try because I didn't let it bother me because I liked what I was doing, I thought it was cool, and I knew they couldn't do it. - Marc, 18

Q: What has been the most rewarding part of being a dancer?

I have always loved performing. From when I was really little. And it's getting to perform in the studio, on the stage for judges, or for family. I just love getting those extra opportunities to be onstage and perform. - Marc

These boys are a special part of the Mary Lorraine's Dance Center family and in the daily life at our dance studio. We hope that they are an inspiration to other boys who want to dance!

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