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Top Memories of 2020 from MLDC Staff

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

We can all agree 2020 was CRAZY! But that doesn’t mean we can’t look back and smile on certain memories…

Miss Sam:

“One memory I will cherish from this past year is our curbside costume pick up. After seeing the kids only through a computer screen for a month it was great to see them in person. It was as exciting as it was emotional. That among other hurdles the dance studio overcame this past year is a true testament to how tenacious our staff and students are. The show must go on.”

Miss Maddy:

“My favorite memory was the 2nd grade ballet class that performed 'Let it Go'. I was playing the music for their final dress rehearsal class and it was just their parents and Mary Lorraine watching. It had been an emotional and stressful day as our city had been issued a curfew on top of stresses of the pandemic. These kids were SO passionate as they danced and sang to the dramatic song. After they finished Mary Lorraine told them they looked beautiful and it was time to go home, we had to get everyone home before the curfew… their response: “No, we don't want to leave!” We all started crying at their childhood joy amidst chaos.”

Miss Kellie:

“My favorite memory would be having children tell me “I love dance class!” “I love to dance!” These would be times in the middle of class when they just couldn’t contain their excitement anymore. They would interrupt to tell me how much they loved what they were doing. I think even with masks, even when lesson plans had to be adjusted and familiar dances and activities had to be changed, dancing will always make you feel free!”

Miss Deb:

“My favorite memory of the year was watching the advanced dancers warm up for the concert. Once Pit Bull came on, they all started doing one of their old set jazz class warm ups in a circle behind the stage and it was fun to see them remember it and have fun doing it in order to get pumped up to perform.”

Miss Katelyn:

“My favorite memory was seeing the senior dancers take center stage to dance their solos and to celebrate all they have accomplished and overcome this year. It was exciting to be able to still give them that opportunity when so much of the normal senior year milestones had been taken from them.”

Mary Lorraine:

“My favorite memory was the first week that the students were allowed back in the studio. They hadn't been in the studio for 5 weeks. One mom told me that the Studio was the last place their child had been when the pandemic started and the first place to come back to after restrictions were lightened up. We were not mandated to wear masks at the time so when they came back in and you could see them grinning from ear to ear just so happy to be back at MLDC. And it wasn’t just them, their parents told us over and over again how good it felt to be back. It really became obvious how important our dance studio is to our families. We were so happy to bring a normal activity back to the kids!”

Sometimes challenging years like 2020 allow us to appreciate small moments of joy, happiness, and love. No matter what 2021 has in store... we know we can find light in any situation!

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