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Updated: Mar 3, 2021

We are so excited to present our very first blog post! After 30 years in business in Omaha we have A LOT to share. Ready to learn the secrets of running the best dance studio?

….no, that's not what this is about. Although we may touch on it!

If you are a current or former dance parent or dance student you know who we are, but for those of you don't, we will give a brief introduction...

Who We Are:

We are Mary Lorraine’s Dance Center. An Omaha dance studio that was opened by Mary Lorraine in 1990. When Mary Lorraine opened the one-room studio, she was a former Chicago performer looking to fill a void in Omaha: to teach all children, no matter what skill level, proper dance technique at a cost that wouldn’t break the bank.

As the years went on and dance studios began popping up all over. We started to see a change in dance studio culture. Other studios began using inappropriate music, costuming, and moves all while charging outrageous rates. But MLDC maintained family values and the fact that children could still have fun while doing age-appropriate material and their parents wouldn’t be embarrassed or broke. We stayed current and fresh on what was happening in the dance world, but we were never willing to compromise on our beliefs which valued proper technique, age-appropriateness, and affordability.

Having stood the test of time, MLDC has trained thousands of dancers from age three to adult. Now, part of who we are is in the young people we have taught, who have ventured into the world not only as dancers but as HUMANS. Who we are is in their show of responsibility, self-discipline, passion, manners, posture, respect for others, sense of purpose. It is in the people they have become.

These students touch our hearts. From little three year olds who love to spin, to eager elementary kids, to moody middle schoolers, to highly skilled teens. We watch these kids grow and see how dance and its lessons lead them into their futures. Then in the “circle of dance life”… their children come to us to learn all this!

What can you expect to see in our Blog:

We have started this blog to share some of our knowledge, and as a way to connect with others during this challenging time of social separation. We want to give parents, dancers, and anyone looking to start dancing, a dance blog that can be both informative and just FUN!

You can expect to see stories from our teachers, Q&As with former dance students, tips for dance performance and dance class, words of inspiration, information on things regarding dance training, to health and wellness, to classroom etiquette, to dance culture, and more! You may even see featured writings that our own students submit to the blog! (MLDC Students stay tuned!)

We may not be experts on everything and we know that everyone has different opinions even when it comes to dance. But we have a lot of years of experience in dance to share. And whether it is inspirational, informative, or funny, we hope that our readers take something away from each post!


- Mary Lorraine's Dance Center

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