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The Do's and Don'ts of Dance Class Etiquette

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Dance is an artform with a tradition of instilling in dancers discipline, attentiveness and awareness. Dancers learn overtime what is expected of them from their teachers.

At 3 years old your teacher may have said, "No hanging on the barres! No monkeys in dance class!" Sometimes we learn what not to do by making a mistake, like asking the same question another student just asked 2 seconds before and then being told by the teacher to pay better attention.

It is all a learning process! And we are here to help make that process easier by providing some DO'S AND DON'TS of Dance Class Etiquette.

The DO’S:

DO arrive to the dance studio early. Warm up and review any material from the previous class. Be ready to walk into class right on time. If you are late wait in the doorway warming up until you are allowed in by the teacher.

DO be dressed for success! Be in the appropriate dance attire and dance shoes. Your hair should be groomed and secured.

DO respond to the teacher. If your teacher asks “do you have any questions?” verbally respond "yes" or "no". Teachers hate feeling like they are talking to no one.

DO use your space wisely. Maintain distance from other dancers and utilize any open space on the floor.

DO ask questions! Teachers love attentive dancers, but before you ask a question. First ask yourself….

Have I been truly listening and watching?

Was the question already asked?

Have I tried to figure it out on my own?

Did I give my teacher time to finish explaining the movement before I raised my hand to ask a question?

DO be respectful and thankful. Say "thank you" to your teacher and clap at the end of class for your teacher as well as your fellow dancers!

The Don’ts

DON’T lean on the barre or cross your arms. Though you may not intend it, this body language comes across as rude.

DON’T stand in the front if you arrived late. After being allowed into the room by the teacher if you were late, it is considered rude to march in front of all the other dancers and plop yourself in the front row.

DON’T talk while the teacher is talking. This needs no explanation.

DON'T bring negative energy to dance class. Everyone has bad days. But try your best to leave these things at the door. Bad energy not only hurts you but the entire class.

DON’T correct other dancers. This is the teacher's job and not yours.

One last DO… have fun! Dance class etiquette will soon feel like second nature and this politeness, awareness of others, and attention will be noticed and applauded in all areas of your life!

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