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Advantages of Competitive Dance

Mary Lorraine's Dance Center Competitive dance team offers Omaha dancers a great opportunity to learn, grow, and experience dance in a whole new way!

Performance Experience.

Most dancers only perform on stage or in front of an audience maybe once or twice a year. But competitive dancers perform multiple times throughout the year at competitions, showcases, and dance recitals! Performing on a stage is fun and exhilarating. More performance experience also allows dancers to become more comfortable on stage and work through nerves and adrenaline.

Duet dance at Omaha Dance Competition
Dance Competition in Omaha, NE

Constructive Feedback From Judges:

Dance Competitions allow dancers to perform in front of national dance judges who have a wealth of knowledge in teaching and performing. They have judged dancers all around the world. Their feedback gives dancers information to grow. Dance Competitions also travel right here to Omaha, so dance studios in Omaha can easily attend.

Dancers taking class at a dance convention in Omaha, NE
Dance Convention in Omaha, NE

Educational Conventions

In conjunction with competing, many dance competitions offer educational workshops for the dancers to attend and learn new styles and techniques from the judges themselves or highly acclaimed faculty! Another opportunity to grow as a dancer!

Personal Growth

This is two-fold. Growth as a dancer and as a person. Being a competitive dancer entails an in-depth level of study. It means taking extra dance classes and rehearsals. Dancers who take more classes and work at a focused level improve their skills exponentially. Plus, add the additional feedback from their teachers and judges!

Mary Lorraine's Dance Center's Competition Team
Mary Lorraine's Dance Center's Competition Team

But this growth is in character too! Competing drives dancers to work their hardest, practice and be dedicated to a goal.

Organization and responsibility is gained from balancing more rehearsals, choreography, and costumes.

Resiliency is gained from taking feedback and applying it whether you place 1st or 3rd.

Teamwork is gained in being in group dances, where we have to work together. Every member of the team’s skills are important to the group’s performance.

Self-improvement is something dancers can apply to the rest of their lives!

Whenever you enter any type of competition, there will always be someone who scores the highest and takes the top award. Some days that may be you. Other days it may be someone else. Learning how to win gracefully and humbly while still knowing you can improve, is a good lesson. Learning how to lose gracefully and take the feedback to continue to grow is equally important.

Visit our Dance Competition Team page here on our website to learn about what our dance studio has to offer for competitive dancers in Omaha.

Auditions for 2021-2022 Team will be held at 1:30pm on April 25th, 2021.

Find our dance studio location here.

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