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Why Choose Mary Lorraine's Dance Center: Top 5 reasons.

1. Professional Teachers

"The teachers are professional with genuine love and concern for the students"- Morgan.

All of the dance teachers at Mary Lorraine's Dance Center have either a degree in education, dance, or the equivalent in professional experience. Teachers at Mary Lorraine's Dance Center run a structured class where expectations are set for students to follow. However, teachers love and care for their students not only in their growth as a dancer but their overall well-being. Teachers at Mary Lorraine's Dance Center become life long mentors for many students.

2. Family Values and Age Appropriateness

"Best of all, the costumes, choreography, and songs are all very age-appropriate! Sadly, this is not the case at many studios. Everything is extremely well-run and organized with a lot of communication from Mary Lorraine and the teachers." - Lisa, MLDC mom

Mary Lorraine's Dance Center prides itself in having children dress and dance like children. Many dance studios dress kids in skimpy costumes, they do provocative movement to adult music. At those studios, its all glitz and booty shaking. That is NOT us. We keep things fresh and current in both dance styles, music, and cool costuming. But we never compromise in our belief that you can do these things while remaining tasteful and modest for children. If your dad is embarrassed to come to your dance recital... you have a problem. At Mary Lorraine's Dance Center, parents can be proud of their dancers! Our work is entertaining and technical.

3. Quality Dance Training

"MLDC provides well-rounded training that I can show for, first hand, since the education and training I received at MLDC prepared me for an intense and strict environment of a university dance program." -Zoe, former MLDC student

Mary Lorraine's Dance Center is teaching true quality dance technique. Our teachers have a great amount of knowledge to share with degrees in dance (Check out their bios) and continued education through platforms like CLI Studios. But we teach technique in a distinctly fun way. We use props, creative imagery, partner exercises, and video learning tools. We put a strong emphasis on ballet technique and proper dance terminology. Many of our students have gone on to attend prestigious dance conservatories and become professional dancers. They are always complimented on their technique which is a testament to our program. You can find our professional dancers performing in Disney, Vegas, on Cruise ships, in New York and even right here in Omaha!

4. Life Skills

"She has learned perseverance, work ethic, compassion, empathy, modesty and so much more than I can say in a review. MLDC really has become part of our family and we wouldn't want to be anywhere else!" - Michelle, MLDC Mom

Mary Lorraine's Dance Center is focused on not only developing the dancer, but also the person. What is most important to us is becoming the best version of YOU! This means learning life lessons. Some obvious like being on time, respect for authority, responsibility for your costumes, and working hard to achieve dance goals. But others that are unique to our dance studio. Such as body language and eye contact, manners and etiquette, the importance of giving back to the community, commitment to a team and the MLDC family.

5. Affordability.

"If you are looking for a reasonably priced studio who puts your child's dance education and well being at the top of their priorities, this is your studio... The fee schedule, policies, and all costs are laid out ahead of time so there are no surprises. The online fee paying system has really simplified paying for dance." - Lyn

Time to be realistic. Extracurriculars for children in the 21st century can be outrageously expensive. And if your child is involved in more that one activity or you have more than one child, you can be spending a lot of money. Yes, quality classes do cost. You have to pay those qualified teachers and the beautiful facility in which they teach. But dance classes shouldn't leave you broke. Mary Lorraine's Dance Center's costs are affordable and fair. MLDC lays out all the tuition costs, costume, and concert fees ahead of time, and reminders are sent out. Mary Lorraine's Dance Center is one of the most affordable dance studios in Omaha.


If you want to read more about why Omaha parents and families chose Mary Lorraine's Dance Center, head to our Google Reviews!

To see what classes we have currently available, head to our classes webpage!

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