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Why dress codes are important and how it will make you a better dancer.

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

When someone walks into MLDC they see dancers looking professional and uniform in their black dance attire. Some might wonder: Why all black? Why are they wearing tights? Why aren’t people wearing crop tops?

Well there is a reason for all these questions! Yes, we do enforce a dress code, as do the most elite dance schools around the world. And yes, it is important. And ultimately it will make you a better dancer!

Why do we have a dress code?

Discipline. Part of dance is learning to follow instructions and respecting an art form. Just like learning to follow in line or to raise your hand when you are called on, it is all a part of discipline. And learning discipline will help you for the rest of your life! Wearing the correct uniform to work will keep you

from getting fired, showing up to your classes in college will help you graduate, completing a work out everyday prepares you for a race. Discipline is necessary.

Community. Just like a sports team wears a uniform, in dance class we feel like a team when we wear the same color. We want to feel unified and avoid comparing amongst dancers as to who has the cutest sparkly bra top or the coolest printed booty shorts.

History. Tradition in any art or activity is important. We uphold the tradition of wearing black as well as tights in ballet. It dates back 100s of years! All of our students who go on to train at ballet conservatories will be required to wear black leotards and pink tights for ballet once they get there!

Practicality. Wearing one dark color allows teachers to see the line of the body and correct for proper technique. Baggy clothing can hide bad habits preventing growth as a dancer. Think about a pointe dancer, if the dance teacher can’t see the dancer’s posture or leg alignment, the ballet dancer could seriously injure themselves! And hair being up off your neck keeps you cool, keeps hair out of your eyes, and allows for posture checks!

Cleanliness. Did you know dancers sweat? Keeping legs covered with tights/pants and bellies with shirts helps keep dirt and sweat off the dance floors. Especially with COVID-19, it prevents us from spreading nasty germs. The same goes for shoes. We require all dancers at our dance studio to wear dance shoes as foot fungus can spread. I know it sounds gross, but it is true!

Focus. Practical activewear and one solid color allows us to focus on dance technique and expressing ourselves

through movement rather than being distracted by a ballerina tutu. Don’t worry, we love costumes! But we save them for the stage and other days.

We are all about BALANCE. We have so much fun learning techniques and dance in our proper attire. But we also love dressing up for fun days like Halloween, “PJ Day”, St. Patty’s, “Crazy Hair Day”, and more! Like this...

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